Music Video Filming

Music Video Filming

A music video is one of the best promotional tools that is available today. Free exposure on video sites on YouTube, MySpace and on your web site will promote your band to a very wide audience. A Music video does not have to be expensive to be an effective marketing tool. At Disc Makers UK we will advise you on the most effective way to maximise the filming time and cost that meets your budget expectations. The more planning you can do before you begin shooting the less it will cost. Music Videos made by Disc Makers are professionally shot and we will also give advice on how and where to use the music footage.

The music video does not need to cost a fortune, but what is most important is having a good idea and working within your budget. The Disc Makers Production Company has the expertise to create a music video that will enhance the bands reputation and help develop the fan base.
Filming the band playing at a live gig can provide great footage for a video, and will be able to capture the bands live energy, their interface with their audience and general atmosphere. There can be difficulties in this filming technique; however our music video team will make this process as simple as possible.
Live filming can be challenging to synch to live video footage; therefore sometimes we can "stage" a live performance. (The band mimes to the track in front of an audience of mates or invited fans). In this environment you will have complete control over lighting and peoples movements, also the band can play the track as many times as is necessary. The “staged” performance in these circumstances can be in the open air or even on the back van; as sound recording is not an issue.

One of the best options is to do a combination of both “Stage” and “Live Gig” filming.

A good music video has pace and the feel that the band wishes to promote to its old and new fans. This is achieved through good editing on the use of long sweeping shots, or quick sharp edits by following the mood of the song and also how the video contrasts with the track?

The most interesting videos are made when the rules of filming convention are broken. Experimenting with new ideas makes your Music Video interesting and re-watchable.
Filming costs from £1,750.00 + VAT – No additional costs added e.g. editing, travelling, set up and venue expenses. Choose your song.

Where do you want filming to take place – studio or at a gig

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