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DVD Replication

DVD Replication

DVD replication is the technique used to manufacture DVD discs products, from movies to software to video games. DVD replication is in the main for quantities over 1,000* DVD discs and allows many advantages for your project including the overall cost. Although the lead-time is 8-10 working days with DVD replication, each DVD is a precise clone and identical to the original master. This in turn means that every single copy will be flawlessly constant. The procedure uses a glass master to create stampers which create press injection moulded DVDs. DVD replication is commonly used for larger runs of discs or when a type retail quality is requested.

At Disc Makers the DVD replication disc can be either litho printed full colour (CMYK) or screen-printed (up to 5 spot colours) from your DVD artwork design. We offer DVD replication in any volume or shape, from small business card DVDs to custom promotional DVDs. Disc Makers are also in the position to offer a wide range of standard, specialty and bespoke packaging solutions to meet any prerequisite that you may have.

The formats available for DVD Replication are:

  • Standard 5” (120mm) DVD-5, DVD-ROM (4.7Gb)

  • Standard 5” (120mm) DVD-9, DVD-ROM (8.5Gb)

  • Standard 5” (120mm) DVD-10, DVD-ROM (9.4Gb)

  • DVD-1 Mini 3” (8cm) – (1.4GB)

DVD Replication
We are proud that Disc Makers prices are lower than you would imagine paying for such a high quality professional DVD replication service. Disc Makers allows the DVD Replication process to be seamless and straightforward, efficient and trouble-free. DVD replication has been a large part of our business with over 15 million discs manufactured every year.

Disc Makers can also offer our customers a complete diverse range of packaging options to go with their DVD replication including, Full colour Card Wallets, DVD cases, Jewel Cases with full colour paper parts, CD or DVD DigiPaks, C-shells, Plastic Wallets, ECO Packs or Bespoke Packaging that has been specially designed for your bespoke project. We pride ourselves in constantly providing clients with innovative state of the art packaging ideas to suit every presentation requirement.

We are happy for you to provide the DVD on body artwork or our highly skilled graphics design department will collaborate with you to create your artwork design including your corporate logo and product details.

We can replicate 500 units if required, but the disparity in cost between 500 and 1,000 units is so marginal the optimum and most cost effective number for DVD replication is 1,000 units.

Call us today on 0845 130 2200 to discuss your requirement regarding our DVD Replication services for a no obligation quote.

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