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DVD Duplication

DVD Duplication

Disc Makers is a preferred supplier of DVD duplication to many of the UK’s leading companies both within the entertainment and corporate industries. During our time we have met some of the toughest DVD duplication deadlines. DVD duplication is a first-rate choice for low volume, fast turnaround DVD media projects. Our DVD duplication service uses only Grade A” DVDR which ensures consistently high quality disc copies every time. In our experience, cheap DVD duplication is a false economy due the quality issues that may follow. Disc Makers DVD duplication process lets you have a disc that looks like a professional retail product.

DVD duplication is suitable for quantities from 50 - 1,000. Any quantity in this range will fall into the short-run DVD duplication category.

The formats available for DVD duplication are:

  • Standard DVD-R 4.7Gb (12mm)

  • DVD-R Double layer 8.5Gb (12cm)

  • DVDR Mini 3” 1.4Gb (8cm)

Should you require more than 1,000 or up to 10,000 units on a quick turnaround then DVD duplication is still the perfect answer to producing high quality DVDs within a 48 hours period with both printing and data. Packaging options are also available within this time period.

Disc Makers are able to offer identical sound and visual quality to a replicated DVD by using DVD duplication instead, which allows you to have discs produced within a very short space of time. All DVD duplication discs can be screen-printed to a maximum of six colours (including the white base), in either CMYK or as Pantone colours or litho printed in full colour.

Once you have supplied the DVD on-body artwork Disc Makers has a fully operational design studio with experts’ on-hand to work with you to create your design, thereby, enhancing your product and giving you the best finished look for your DVD duplication project. DVD duplication is a very cost effective way of producing low quantities of discs without being charged mastering costs which do incur for DVD Replication.

DVD-5 replication is the process by which DVDs are replicated in mass quantities. It involves a 'glass master' being created. The DVD-5 are then pressed by the master stamp and then metallised to create a reflective coating. Lastly a protective lacquer is added giving a top surface suitable for printing on-body labels. Due to the higher sets up costs than DVD duplication, we only recommend this process for larger quantities. The master should be supplied as a DVDR or from a pre-recorded DVD. For a DVD-9 replication a DVD double layer disc will be required as the master.

The formats available:
DVD-5 holds 4.7GB and can be Litho or Screen Printed.
DVD-9 holds 8.5GB and can be Litho or Screen Printed
DVD-10 holds 8.75GB (also known as Double-Sided Single Layer) Litho or Screen Printed
DVD-18 holds 15.9GB (also known as Double-Sided Double Layer (or Double-Sided Dual Layer).

For quantities of 1,000 and over then replication will certainly be the better choice due to the savings made in the overall cost of your project. The lead-time for DVD replication is 8 / 10 working days. Disc Makers can offer the complete range of packaging options for either DVD duplication or DVD replication including Jewel Cases with full colour paper parts, full colour Card Wallets, DVD Cases, Digipaks or Plastic Wallets.

DVD Case for DVD Duplication    Plastic Wallets for DVD Duplication    Card Wallets for DVD Duplication    DigiPaks for DVD Duplication    C-Shells for DVD Duplication    Bulk Discs for DVD Duplication
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