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Screen Printed CD DVDScreen printing was one of the early methods of printing to CDs and DVDs and mostly used for designs that use Pantone colours or bold solid colours in the artwork design. The screen printing process begins with creating a film. The film is produced from customer’s supplied files. The screens are made from a fine mesh cloth which is stretched tightly over a metal frame and glued into place and then a stencil is applied. The stencil openings establish the image that will be screen printed. A thin layer of light-sensitive emulsion is then applied to each screen.

The film is placed on top of an emulsion-coated screen and then exposed to a bright light. The light reacts with the emulsion, hardening it into the screen. Any excess emulsion is then washed away. A separate screen is created for each colour. The screens are then placed in the printing machine. The discs pass underneath each screen. A squeegee presses the appropriately coloured ink through the screen. The disc then passes underneath an ultraviolet light to seal the ink before the next colour is applied.

Disc Makers can screen print up to six colours (including a white base) to all discs including recordable CDRs and DVDRs, either as Pantone reference colours, CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) or as a combination of both. CD / DVD Screen printing also allows us to use specialist inks, so if you would like your disc to have metallic or fluorescent colours, or a matt varnish screen printing is the print process to use.

In order to achieve the best results from screen printing the artwork needs be created in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator programs and your high resolution file should be saved as CMYK at a minimum of 300 dpi. PDF, TIFF or JPEG format. All screen printed images should be 300 dpi at actual size for a crisp image. If your image is to be screen printed in spot colours set the colours and please list them on your order. Black & White images can be saved in Greyscale format.

If you save your artwork file as RGB, this will give an inferior colour representation of the design when screen printed. Artwork that is to be screen printed can be sent by either e-mail or mailed as a disc.

CD / DVD Screen Printing

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