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Litho Printed CD DVDCD / DVD Litho Printing gives a high colour resolution and is perfect for photographic images within your artwork design. At Disc Makers our litho printing machines run CMYK plus White base, thereby, giving the full colour range available. Litho printing does not allow you to create actual Pantone reference colours, as the colour is made from up from CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black), and therefore litho print will not give a perfect match to a specific Pantone colour. If you require actual pantone colours then you should look to use Silk screen printing.

For the best results possible when using litho printing the artwork needs to be created in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator programs, and the high resolution file should be saved as CMYK at a minimum of at least 300 dpi. PDF or JPEG formats. If you save your artwork file as RGB, this will give an inferior colour representation of the design when litho printed.

The Litho printing (offset) process involves creating four plates (CMYK) from your original artwork. Each litho plate is then used to transfer an inked image onto a rubber blanket that has been mounted onto a cylinder. The rubber blanket then transfers the inked image onto the CD or DVD disc as it goes through the litho printing press and the four colours combine to give the flawless litho print image. In order to create white in the design a full colour white base is laid down at the beginning before the litho print CMYK process takes place.

Disc Makers are able to offer the Litho print process not only for replicated discs, but also CDRs and DVDs, giving the recordable disc a retail quality look and feel.

Disc Makers can offer litho print to the standard 5” (12cm) and 3” (8cm) CDs and DVDs from 100 units upwards.

Disc Makers offer straightforward to use print design templates to make certain that your artwork design conforms to our required manufacturing specifications. If you use our template layouts there will be no problem with the printing process. One of the most important factors to successfully launching and promoting your product whether it is music, film or software is the CD or DVD artwork and cover package design.

CD / DVD Litho Printing

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