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CD & DVD PrintingIn the market place you will find there are five different types of CD and DVD on-body printing types available. At Disc Makers we can offer the 2 of the most professional systems:

All three give high-level printing results and each kind of print has a major benefit over the other two that are not offered by Disc Makers.

CD Litho PrintingCD / DVD Litho Printing will give high colour resolution and is ideal for photographic images or finer print within the artwork design. Disc Maker’s litho printing machines use CMYK plus White base, therefore, allowing the full colour range. With Litho printing you cannot create actual Pantone reference colours. It is suitable for larger print runs and is unrivalled on quality.

CD Screen PrintingCD / DVD Screen Printing is one of the early methods of printing to CDs and DVDs and this is the most common method of print onto discs for retail. The silk screen is ideal for designs that use Pantone colours or bold solid colours, graphics and text in the artwork design. The process involves sorting out the 4 colour channels of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (CMYK) or spot colours onto films. These films are then exposed onto silk frames which are then used for printing the discs. Screen printing is not good for high definition images. We are able to screen print 4 - 5 Pantone spot colours on CDs or DVDs.

CD Digital PrintingCD / DVD Digital Printing If you require discs within 72 hours then Disc Makers Digital “Photographic Quality” Express service must be your first and only choice. Digital printing offers Full colour, smudge proof CD & DVD printing and disc duplication. Our fully automated machines ensure that your artwork is printed at the highest quality and our duplicators burn and then verify the data on each disc. You can order as little a one disc, although the price will always reflect the quantity ordered. If you are unsure of our print quality then please call us and we will send a sample to you. A faster service (24 /48 hours for bulk discs only) is also available, but this is by prior arrangement only and will be at a higher price.

CD / DVD Printing

Other Printing Options NOT offered by Disc Makers

  • Ink Jet Printing uses CMYK soluble inks on the printable surface of CDR & DVDRs discs as the ink is water soluble and the colour may come off when handled or if subjected to wet conditions
  • We do not recommend the use of paper label printing using the inkjet CMYK system for applying designs to discs. They have been known to peel off the disc when used in computer tray drives or CD / DVD players and stick inside the machine.

CD & DVD Templates

The most important part of your product but often the most overlooked or left to the last minute is the artwork. Yet it is this first impression that you make to the recipient and first impressions count.

Disc Makers have available for download our most popular templates to ensure that your artwork design conforms to our manufacturing specifications. If you use our template layouts there should be no problem with the printing process. The design of your artwork is one of the most important factors when ordering your discs, and can cause delays if you do not follow our guide lines.

If you have questions contact us for further advice or assistance.

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