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CD Jewel Case Layout CD Jewel Case

The life of the CD jewel case began at the inception of the compact disc and was first released in 1982 with its role being to contain the packaging of CDs. The CD jewel case is the typical case used by the majority of musicians and it is the most common type of case found in record stores. The jewel case has been the prime packaging format for CDs and latterly used for games and DVDs. The jewel case is made from injection-moulded polystyrene. The CD jewel case is manufactured from plastic and typically comes with a black or white tray. The standard size of the jewel case is a three-piece plastic case, measuring 142 mm × 125 mm × 10 mm and includes a booklet and tray card. The tray of the jewel case features a ‘claw’ or ‘teeth’ that firmly holds the CD in place. The case comes in two parts and hinged together jewel cases are now also being used for Blu-ray discs.

The attractiveness of this design has been first and foremost due to the way they can be stored by the consumer and the also that they are machine packed by the manufacturer. Disc Makers are able to prove a wide and varied range of ‘off the shelf’ CD & DVD jewel case packaging options and we are also able to provide a wide range of paper parts that can be inserted into the jewel case.

Other CD jewel case formats include:
A standard jewel case with clear tray allows the rear inlay to be printed both sides giving more room to display album artwork, lyrics, photos, thank-yous, messages or biographies. CD single jewel case is mainly used for the sale of CD singles and includes a paper part that is called a j-card. Slim CD jewel cases with a black tray are also available with a clear back. Slim line CD jewel cases which are just over half the width of the more conventional jewel case; the case has a slot at the front which allows a 2-page card to be inserted. We can also give you the option of various colours for the rear tray. The double CD jewel case allows for holding two CDs with paper parts. 4-way jewel cases have the capability to hold four CDs along with paper parts. We can also provide 6-way jewel cases, although these are not a very popular format.

Paper parts available for jewel cases:
4 pages to 16 page booklets printed either full colour on pages 1 & 4 and one colour on other pages 2 & 3 or full colour throughout.  The paper quality used is normally 120gsm.

Disc Makers are able to offer you a wide selection of finishes that can be applied to the booklet.  These can really add a superior touch to your printed paper parts and they include processes such as Spot UV, Matt / Gloss Lamination and Foil Blocking. We are able to proved finishing of the jewel case and they be overwrapped (cello-wrapped) for the retail market.

General information:
The jewel case product has always been an eye-catching and cost effective way of promoting your CDs and DVDs and they also offer a great way of protecting the disc.  You will also find that due to the jewel case longevity there are many CD shelves, racks and other products in the market that are made especially for CD jewel case storage.

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