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CD / DVD Plastic Wallets

CD & DVD Plastic Wallets

Disc Makers offer a range of high quality clear polypropylene discs wallets providing protection for CD and DVD discs during storage and distribution. Most have fold in flaps to hold the disc in place; some are available without flaps for archive cabinets and enclosed storage. CD and DVD Plastic Wallets are, durable and have become a cost effective method for storage and transportation.

The regular Plastic Wallet is a 13 cm square shape, and comes in various material qualities. 120gsm is the most popular, although a 150gsm offers a wallet that gives your CD or DVD package more of a quality feel.Disc Makers have developed a wide and varied range of ‘off the shelf’ CD & DVD Plastic Wallet packaging solutions. Unfortunately, it is not possible to print on the wallet surface, although you can add a simple full colour 2 page leaflet inside to help promote your product.

General information

Plastic wallets are a cost effective way of promoting your CDs and DVDs, and they also offer a great way of protecting the disc. Plastic wallets are available for all formats including 12cm (5”) 8cm (3”) and Business Cards (credit card size and hockey rink shape) The wallets may also be sealed with a small transparent adhesive dot for extra security.

Other CD & DVD Plastic Wallet options include:

A double plastic wallet – holding two CD or DVD discs.

A clear CD Plastic Wallet with a flap and 2 strips of self adhesive tape on the back, therefore enabling you to attach the CD or DVD pack to a magazine or brochure.

A Plastic Wallet with no flap and a smooth edge

A Plastic Wallet with a Ring Binder Hole, for filing your CD or DVD product.

A4 Multi-punched CD Pocket for 2 Discs - Ideal for adding CD and DVDs in to ring binders.

We can also offer custom made CD / DVD Plastic Wallets to your specification – Call us now for more details 0845 130 2200

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