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CD / DVD C Shells

CD & DVD C-Shells

The C-Shell was designed by the Dering Corporation in the USA and is a patented product so you should not accept imitations.  The C-Shell is named after its shape, the Clam Shell.  The C-Shell (Classic) is made of hard-wearing polypropylene and is offered in an extensive selection of colours and allows for lightweight protection of the disc.  The disc is placed onto the circular button on one side and the other hinged side clips onto the button to close.

The C-Shell is a resilient one-piece plastic case.  It is thinner and weighs less than a standard jewel case and to this end C-Shells are a unique storage format for 5” and 3” CD's and DVDs.  They are impact-resistant, therefore, allowing additional disc protection during shipping that other cases do not offer.  The C-Shell award-winning and patented design has become a very popular way of storing CDs and DVDs.

The C-Shell is offered in an assortment of semi-transparent colours: violet, blue, red, yellow, green, cherry red and smokey black.  Disc Makers are also able to offer solid colours such as red, black and white.

We can offer screen printing on the C-Shell to add a very professional look to your CD or DVD product.  We print straight onto the surface of the C-Shell using our screen print services.  We are also able to print full colour C-Shell paper inserts to position inside the case.

The results will give you a thoroughly professional finish to your C-Shell at an unbeatable price as well as making your products more memorable to your customers.

C-Shells are a fantastic method of promoting your CDs or DVDs they also offer a secure way of protecting the disc.

If you require further information regarding C-Shells call us now.

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