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CD / DVD Bulk Discs

Bulk CD / DVD Discs

We can supply CDs and DVDs packed bulk (shrink-wrapped in 100s). This method allows you to affix the CD / DVD to any existing packaging you may already have, such as a sales product brochure or insert them into a pre-formed wallet in your “point of sale” material.

There are several ways to attach the CD / DVD other than in traditional packaging for example using:

* Foam buttons (they are available in either Black or White).
* Self adhesive plastic “Spiders”. These are available in various colours, although black or white are the most popular.

Save Packaging Cost Option:


Many clients order their discs in printed packaging, and then discover that they have over estimated their requirements. These discs become out-of-date, and are ultimately scraped.

By purchasing discs in bulk with no data burned on them, but just pre-printed (litho or screen) with your company Logo, you can then purchase CD or DVD cases + printed inlays with artwork as required. This option allows you to save money, reduce wastage and keep your product completely up to date when they are burned with your new data.

We can print litho (full colour) or screen (1- 5 colours) from as little as 100 discs in just 4 working days, and burned your data on to the discs completely FREE.

Probably the most cost effective number to order is between 250 and 500 copies.

We can enhance the look of your product and save you money!

* We will be please to advise you on the most cost effective method to get the most from your budget.
* A CD / DVD printed 1 colour on silver can sometimes be just as eye-catching as a full colour design at only 25% of the cost of a full colour printed DVD.
* This all depends on the creativity of the artwork design, which we can do for you.

See Litho Printing of DVDRs See Screen Printing of DVDRs

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